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Breathe Better: Use Your Nose 3 nasal exersises breathe well breathing and posture breathing exercises breathing mechanics fitness health intergrative breathing therapy nasal breathing nose breathing nostril breathing posture and breathing the pain free athlete Nov 19, 2019

How strong is your nose?


Have you ever considered that the function of your nose is dependent on muscles? Did you know that if you don’t nasal breathe, these muscles can become weak and imbalanced?


Use it or lose it applies to your nose!


Recently, I had the opportunity...

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Strengthen Your Back and Glutes with the Bird Dog Exercise breathing and posture conditioning fitness hand leg opposite lift strength the pain free athlete yoga Feb 27, 2019

Although Bird Dog is an excellent exercise for strengthening the back and glutes, most people do it wrong. I counted three people performing the movement incorrectly during my short one-hour gym workout last week! Thus, I was inspired to write this blog.

The Problem
Here it is. Look at the first...

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