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Challenge Yourself

Because I am trying to expand my audience and to be more “social,” I started a WEEKLY CHALLENGE that I post every Monday morning on The Pain Free Athlete FaceBook page.

By now, many of us have given up on our New Year’s Resolutions, but there is nothing that says we can only make positive lifestyle changes on January 1. Actually, if you think about it, every week presents a new opportunity to grow and better yourself. Thus, the creation of the WEEKLY CHALLENGE!

These challenges come in many varieties and, like my book, span the mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual aspects of wellness. First, check out a couple of the latest entries. Then, give them a try. As you will see, these challenges can be done whenever you are ready. After you've done some of them, I’d love to hear your experiences! In order to help everyone else, please share your tips for being healthy and happy in body, brain and being.

Here is the January 29th WEEKLY CHALLENGE!
Sitting reach with diaphragm breathing.

In order to visualize this exercise, I've taken a picture. This picture shows a modification of a Postural Restoration Institute exercise that I have been using in my conditioning class. As you can see, it's a simple move. The goal is to breathe into your back and sides without letting your head and chest come up, or your knees or feet separate. If you'd prefer, you can hold onto your knees with your hands.

Now, let me know! Can you do it? Comment to share your experience.


Now, here's the February 12th WEEKLY CHALLENGE!
Throw your scale away for at least seven days.

Unfortunately, there are few numbers we give as much power to as those shown on the scale. If you focus too much on those little numbers, they can set your mood for the whole day, influence your self-worth, and dictate your behavior and decisions.


Instead, I challenge you to tune into your body. Don't rely on an inanimate object to tell you how you are doing with your weight management efforts. When we tune into ourselves, most of us can tell if we have lost or gained a pound by how we feel, how our clothes fit or how we perform. This week, in order to avoid those negative thoughts, become aware of these other measures and their associated sensations, trusting the feedback your body provides. Also, notice how you feel mentally and emotionally as a result of being free of the daily weigh-in. 

Check out all of the WEEKLY CHALLENGES on The Pain Free Athlete FaceBook page.

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