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Simply purchase one of the products below to gift to someone. Once purchased, you will receive an email with a COUPON CODE that you will forward along to the gift receiver for them to redeem. Gift Cards are available to purchase for the following products below:

Posture Flow Course

Improve posture, reduce pain, build strength, gain balance, and move with greater ease! This course can help you with all of this and more. The classes in this course are based on the yoga flow model in which the exercises fluidly transition between different postures and movements. You can pick classes in different positions–sitting, standing, or supine–with a different focus–stretching and repositioning, balance, or strength. $79.00

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Pain Free Hiking & Walking Course

Walking is a basic movement. Just because walking is familiar and is done consistently, though, that does not mean it is easy! Walking actually requires a complex integration of body systems and structures to be performed correctly. This course will teach you proper walking techniques and before/after activity exercises. $79.00

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Pain Free Lower Back Course

A misalignment of the spine is usually at the root of many forms of lower back pain. I have designed the exercises in this course to realign your spine from top to bottom, thereby reducing the stress and pain in your lower back. Besides focusing on the spine, the exercises will also target the front of the body so that your abdominals and hip flexors become balanced with the back muscles. $79.00 

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Fixing Rounded Shoulders Course

For many of us, good posture equates to pulling our shoulders back because we don't want a rounded upper body appearance. In this class, I will help you to counteract the compromised postures of daily life by re-educate and re-training your body to be in a stronger, more aligned position. $79.00

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Building a Strong Core Course

Good posture starts at the core. You need a strong, solid center to provide stability and support in order to maintain proper alignment while moving and at rest. I have designed this course to combine core alignment with core strength. These two features are interconnected: Alignment is Strength! $79.00

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