Winning the Injury Game

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Worried that your pain will never go away and your days of being active are over?

In this personal, inspiring, and action-oriented book, Jessica Kisiel shares her story of injury and recovery from severe hip osteoarthritis, knee meniscus tears, neck pain, depression, and more. This book is an integrative guide that will help you reclaim your body’s innate design and function, enabling your return to an active lifestyle with increased confidence, strength and resilience in body and mind.

This book will allow you to:

  • Discover and practice scientifically-based techniques that will accelerate your recovery and enhance your performance in sports and life.
  • Heal through a holistic approach that focuses on eliminating the underlying cause of your chronic pain so you can stop chasing symptoms around your body and end your struggle with recurrent injuries—for good.
  • Train for recreational and competitive sports while respecting your body and keeping harmony with the other demands on your time and energy.
  • Stop doubting yourself, wondering what you should or should not do for your injury or whether you are creating more damage with your current exercise routine.
  • Gain assurance that increasing age, persistent injuries and chronic pain don’t have to reduce your participation in the activities you love.

With Winning the Injury Game, you can defeat chronic pain and improve your body’s ability to move and stay active active regardless of your age.

Imagine it! A pain-free life after injury, letting you:

  • Participate in sports and other activities with friends and family for the long-term
  • Move freely without fear, pain or concern about your body’s abilities or resilience
  • Become stronger, more stable and mobile in your body and mind
  • Reduce or eliminate your need for medications, braces, surgery and injections
  • Finish that athletic adventure you’ve always dreamed about but were afraid to try

All of this is possible!

In Winning the Injury Game you will learn how to overcome your limitations and worries to create flow in your athletics and life by balancing your body, mind and spirit. This book takes you on a journey that helps you progress from injury and pain to your triumphant return to pain-free, unrestricted movement. You can do it!

A complete guide to your recovery, Winning the Injury Game bridges the gap between therapy and activity. Inside you will find interactive assessments, reflective journaling questions and restorative exercises. Complex anatomy and physiology concepts are described in easy-to-understand language that is complemented by nearly 100 illustrations. With step-by-step instructions, pictures, diagrams and accompanying videos, you’ll learn exercises you can do every day to feel better.

You will also discover:

  • Coping techniques for your mental and emotional responses to pain and injury.
  • Effective core strengthening exercises that won’t hurt your back.
  • How to develop a more positive and empowering outlook to speed your recovery.
  • Your beliefs about healing, and how they may be hindering your progress.
  • Correct breathing patterns to enhance posture, strength and performance.

You can return to your athletic lifestyle stronger than before your injury.

Start your healing journey today. The first step down your path to an active, pain-free life starts with this book.  

Get back into the game for life!