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Pain Free Body Group Coaching Program

PAIN FREE BODY is an 8-week online group coaching program for active people who are suffering from chronic pain.

Join a team that shares your passion for remaining energetic and taking on physical and athletic challenges—without pain—for the long-term.

This supportive community addresses the MIND and BODY aspects of chronic pain. Content from this course is drawn from leaders in the fields of pain neuroscience including but not limited to:

Your guide—Jessica Kisiel, MS Exercise Physiologist, and author of Winning the Injury Game—partners with you on this journey.


Understanding why you still hurt months or even years after your injury and how to reduce and eliminate the pain naturally.

Taking control of your chronic pain and not allowing it to control you anymore.

Ending the re-injury cycle so you can confidently and consistently be active and play sports again.

It is absolutely possible for you to have a PAIN FREE BODY again!

What to expect from the PAIN FREE BODY Group Coaching Program

Group coaching is an interactive experience that includes the following components:
  • Personal discovery through individualized, focused coaching, thoughtful questions and reflective homework exercises
  • Group discussions and activities
  • safe, confidential space to express yourself
  • Expert knowledge sharing
  • Compassionate support from your coach and fellow participants
  • Individual feedback on homework assignments including your vision, goals, and progressive exercise plan

In our small coaching community, we’ll work together toward our shared goal of ending chronic pain—for good! You’ll learn from Jessica and your other teammates while you explore the multiple aspects of your chronic pain and the impact that the reduced activity has had on your whole life.

We’ll celebrate successes, listen deeply to challenges, brainstorm solutions, offer encouragement, and move forward together. You’ll also discover and implement strategies to manage, prevent, and overcome your mental, emotional, and physical pain.

Program Topics

This is a sample list of what will be covered in the group. Due to the collaborative approach of coaching between the coach and participants, the exact issues covered may change slightly based on the participants’ experiences, concerns, expectations, requests, and questions.

  • Discovering the story of your pain and taking steps to change the narrative for the better
  • Learning the critically important and interconnected roles of the body systems in chronic pain including: nervous (SNS & PNS), musculoskeletal, endocrine, respiratory, and immune systems
  • Creating an enticing vision for your recovery and setting supportive goals to get you there
  • Uncovering the threats in your life that make you feel unsafe and impede your ability to fully recover
  • Finding the meaning(s) and association(s) you have attached to your pain
  • Understanding the basic physiology and neurology behind chronic pain
  • Developing strategies to calm your nervous system so you can accelerate your healing
  • Enhancing awareness of what triggers your pain and your automatic emotional reactions (including self-talk) to pain
  • Breaking the pain-fear cycle that is perpetuating your pain, depression, and anxiety
  • Implementing a progressive exercise plan to gain confidence in your ability to fearlessly move

Arifa Goodman

I would heartily recommend this course. Working with new understandings of pain can totally change how we perceive pain. So much of our pain is held in our conceptions of it; when our thoughts and stresses around it shift, the pain definitely loosens up and is not as painful. We then can feel more like returning to our previous activities, perhaps slowly at first but gradually increasing. Jessica is a warm, caring coach who knows all the science of pain and presents it in an easy to understand and accessible way. The course is also very interactive and the group acts as a supportive container for all members. We feel as though we are on a journey together and each person's sharings and contributions are important elements of the course. This course actually works. It's still a journey but I can already feel a difference. I will continue to put everything I learned in this course into practice. I'm very grateful.

What You Will Receive

 Weekly LIVE 60-minute Zoom video meetings.

  Prerecorded lectures on pain science and topics related to chronic pain relief.

  Homework practices including journaling questions, assessments, or exercises.

 Video recordings of all the meetings if you miss a live session or want to go back and review the information.

  Lifetime access to all content, which will be available on the private program website.

 Private Online Community to connect with other participants.

Three Bonuses:

  • 45-minute 1:1 Coaching Session with Jessica
  • Two monts of free access to the LIVE Posture Fitness Class and recordings.
  • Electronic copy of Jessica's Amazon best selling book Winning The Injury Game

Group Meeting Details 

Please contact me if you are interested in being in a group.

Program Bonuses!

In addition to everything in the program you will also receive the following:

Free Coaching Session

One 45-minute 1:1 Coaching Session with Jessica anytime during the program or up to six months following program completion.

Receive guidance about your chronic pain, go into more detail on topics covered in the program, or discuss anything related to your wellness and activites. Sessions are conducted on Zoom.

Free Online Classes

Two months of free access to the LIVE Posture Fitness Classes and recordings library.

Join Jessica LIVE on Mondays @ 11:30 am MT via Zoom for an exercise class that combines alignment and strengthening movements. You can also chose a class to watch anytime from the extensive library.

Free eBook

Winning the Injury Game by Jessica Kisiel

An accumulation of nearly 10 years of research and personal experience, Jessica tells her story of relieving her chronic pain while educating the reader on important concepts for natural healing.

Client Testimonials

Debbie Testa

The Pain Free Body Program is a must for anyone looking for a wholistic approach to understanding why you have pain. The program provides invaluable information & techniques for aligning your mind & environment with your body. I experienced life changing realizations and moments that will forever help me manage and resolve pain in my body and live a active lifestyle.

Martha Lamb

Jessica is a highly knowledgeable coach for not only someone desiring athletic healing, but for anyone who recognizes the need to improve daily functioning or recreational wellbeing. While participating in this group, Jessica taught me a new way to think about and respond to pain. Getting to share with participants in the group our stories, our questions, and our thoughts, or our fears, has emboldened us each to move forward and toward our new pain recovery visions.

Sharon Stinz

I gained so much information and confidence from Jessica's Pain Free Body Program! Her knowledge, experience and teaching skills are relevant for all ages, stages of pain, and activity level. I looked forward to every meeting with positive anticipation of getting better and better. Best of all, I now have a vision and plan for continuing the active retirement lifestyle that the Moab, UT area offers.



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