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LIVE Online Posture Fitness Class

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Mondays 11:30 am – 12:30 pm MT 

The class is held online via zoom.

This class combines alignment and strengthening exercises from several disciplines with breathing and mindfulness practices to gain body symmetry. Standing, sitting, kneeling and mat whole-body positions and exercises are used to retrain neuromuscular mechanics through small, focused movements and stretches. The class is moderately paced and appropriate for those with chronic musculoskeletal issues. Modifications are provided as practical to accommodate participants who might have physical restrictions.

Jessica on Mat


New! Membership Website for online classes launches October 1, 2021

After 18 months of offering my Posture Fitness class online at no charge I am transitioning into a membership model. Below is some basic information on what is coming in October. More detailed information is on the Membership Page.

Three membership levels are available:

  •  Starter: Class Recordings Only
  •  Growth: Class Recordings + LIVE classes
  •  Pro: Class Recordings + LIVE classes + Instructor-Led topic specific courses 

Benefits of a membership:

  •  24-7 access to multiple class recordings 
  •  Reduced cost for many of you who have been donating
  •  Instructor-Led courses that are topic specific with exercises classes of various lengths

What you need to know:

  •  LIVE classes will only be offered on Mondays @ 11:30 am MT
  •  You will have access to all the class recordings beginning in August 2021
  •  Full class recordings will no longer be posted on YouTube for free viewing
  •  You will need a membership to join the class starting Monday October 4th
  •  The link you are currently using to access the class will not be valid in October
  •  There is a 14-day free membership trial period from the day you sign-up

What you need to do:
Sign-up for a membership below! 


Class Etiquette:

  • Please join class a few minutes prior to the start time.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that allow unrestricted movement.
  • Position your camera so that you are fully visible. That way, your instructor can provide feedback on your form, if needed.
  • Mute your audio if there is a lot of background noise in your space.
  • Turn off notifications from programs and apps (e.g. email, messenger, etc.) that may sound during the class. 
  • Have an open floor space and wall or door available for standing movements, if possible.
  • Props are often used. Most often these include a chair, a small block or pillow of 4-6” width, and a non-elastic strap with a firm clasp that will not slide when pressed against. Please have these easily accessible for each class.
  • Interact and ask questions. This class is for you!


Class Recordings

Each class is recorded. However, your image will not be shown. All audio will be included in the recording.

Ongoing access to recorded classes is available with your membership. Classes are listed by date in your membership portal. 

** The class is included with your membership! If you wish to make an additional donation, you can do that via Venmo to @Jessica-Kisiel-1 or via PayPal to [email protected] If you prefer to send a check, please contact me.

7 Benefits of Improved Posture

  1. Reduced pain, avoidance of surgery and minimized pain meds
  2. Enhanced core strength, balance and athletic performance
  3. Increased height, self-confidence and bone density
  4. Diminished inflammation, stress and anxiety
  5. Greater body awareness and flexibility
  6. Improved organ function, digestion and sleep
  7. Decreased soreness and accelerated recovery


Here are what are clients are saying!

Linda Schmidt
Walks with strength and ease

My testimony to your work is that I am recovering over-all strength, I’ve re-learned how to walk and now have enough abdominal strength to support a free, healthy stride, and my bunion has improved so much that my toes quit hurting about a year ago, and now I can wear more normal shoes. Wow! Thank you!