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1:1 Coaching Sessions

Personalized guidance for your journey from chronic pain back to activity! 


Individual Sessions

I conduct in-person client appointments in my home studio in Moab, UT and online via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

1:1 sessions can utilize one or a combination of  My Methods which include the following.

  • Posture Therapy
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Pain Science Education
  • Strength, Conditioning & Technique

Each session is tailored to what the client wants or needs most that day.

Posture Therapy is the foundation of my practice. Since this approach is unfamiliar to many people, I have outlined the process below. You can also learn more about posture therapy and how it can help you in the Free Intro to Posture Therapy Course.


Posture Therapy

What’s Included

  •  Static posture and movement analysis
  •  Personalized program of posture realignment techniques: printouts with pictures, descriptions, and personalized notes
  •  Individual instruction and feedback on the techniques
  •  Follow-up between appointments as needed (email, phone, Zoom). 

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Prior to your appointment

Upon scheduling you will receive an online intake form and instructions on how to take static posture photos. Both need to be returned within 24 hours of your appointment.

During your appointment

We’ll review your intake form and define goals for our work together. We will conduct some basic functional tests, and then we will develop an exercise routine in order to improve posture, strength, and endurance. I will have you perform each exercise, and then I will provide feedback. In addition, I might share some pain science information to help you understand and not fear your pain. Finally, we may work together to set some lifestyle and/or sports goals that will compliment your realignment exercises.

Following your appointment

You will receive the following:

  •  A grid with your baseline posture photos and a plumbline down the center. (We may go over your posture analysis together during your session, depending on your interest.)
  •  A handout for each exercise in your routine, which will include a picture, a description, and personalized notes. In addition, most of the exercises also have an instructional video.

I may also give you additional resources, as appropriate, such as articles, training guidance, links, book recommendations, etc.

Between appointments

Approximately two days after your appointment, you’ll receive an email feedback form about your posture exercise routine where you can ask questions and provide comments. You can also email me directly. When a longer discussion is needed, we might have a quick phone or online consultation.

Follow-up Sessions

During these sessions, we follow a similar format. Goals are reviewed, questions are answered, and exercises are refined and possibly changed. Please know that depending on the needs of the client, some sessions may be primarily talking/wellness coaching and education while others are mostly exercises focused.

Your Investment



New Client Session

2 Hours



New Client Session

2 Hours



Follow-Up Session

90 Minutes



Follow-Up Session

90 Minutes


Schedule a Coaching Session

Appointments are available Monday-Thursday starting at 9 am through 4 pm US mountain time. Additional fees apply for appointments booked outside of normal working hours. Please click the button below to schedule a session. 


Complimentary Consultation

If you have questions, need more information, or want to chat with me prior to committing to 1:1 Coaching, you can book a free 20-minute, no-obligation session. Please click the button below to schedule this appointment. 

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I am a professional guitarist in my 40s, and I have dealt with performance injuries and pain (back and arm) for a good part of my career. Since starting to work with Jessica a little over four months ago, I’ve already made more improvement than in all the years practicing other movement methods. I’ve achieved results I wasn’t sure were possible. I know now a day will come when my playing is pain free. 
Chris Bryant
 Cumberland, Rhode Island
“You have truly been a blessing in this journey.  I appreciate all your encouragement.  You have a true gift of listening, understanding, as well as patience.  Your passion to help others is evident in all our calls.  Thank you!!!” 
Amanda H
Summerfield, North Carolina
Upon meeting with Jessica, I’d had burning neck pain and spasms for close to twenty years, and I’d spent way too many hours sitting at my desk. I never had relief from the neck pain. I’m not kidding, but I walked out of that first appointment with no neck pain. I couldn’t believe it. Now that’s a result I can live with! It feels so good not to hurt! Thank you, Jessica.  
Betsy B
 Salt Lake City, Utah