Strength Training for Better Posture: Lat Front Pulldown

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Lat Front Pulldown Exercise


Starting Position

  • Hand position on the bar is determined by abducting the arms to the side, bending at the elbows, rotating upwards and reaching straight up to grab the bar.

  • The thumb wraps around the bar with the other fingers forming a hook. This reduces tension on the forearms and allows for better engagement of the lats.

  • Linear line from the hands to the hips.

  • Arms extended, elbows straight and a slight stretch in the lat muscles.

  • Lower body is in a 90 degree angle with the feet flat on the floor.


  • Depress the shoulder blades down and hold for ~1 second before beginning the movement.

  • Slowly lower the bar down keeping the shoulders level and elbows even. There is a 90 degree angle with the shoulder, wrist and elbow.

  • As the bar is lowered lean back from the hip allowing the lower back to arch and look up.

  • Hold the position on the bottom for 1-2 seconds before raising the bar.

  • As the bar returns to the starting position the body comes forward back into linear alignment.


Exercise Notes

This is a more advanced exercise. In order to perform it correctly you must have functional shoulders with the ability to extend the arms straight overhead without pain or compensation. If you are not able to do this I recommend starting with back rows.

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