Embracing Technology to Heal

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Ever since I started posture therapy, I have not had a local therapist. Yet, I have recovered. Although I would have preferred working with someone in the same room, that is not always an option when you live in a small town. Because of the limited resources, more specialized therapies are often not available in your immediate area. In order to meet with a therapist face-to-face, I had the options of either driving several hours or flying to other cities for appointments. Fortunately, posture therapy is exercise-based and can be done from a distance, so I was able to meet with my therapists in the comfort of my home using Skype.

Understandably, potential clients are often skeptical about how effective Skype could be for posture therapy. Often, they would ask me, “How well will you be able to see me through the camera?” or, “Don’t you need to touch my body to ensure I am doing the exercises correctly?” Both are valid concerns. However, in our digital age, the picture on the screen is excellent, and I can see the body and its movements very well. Yes, there is some camera manipulation involved, but that usually isn’t too difficult.

Actually, the most critical information for assessing exercise form is not observation; instead, it is sensory feedback from my client. During a session, I continuously ask, “Where, in your body, is the movement initiated from?” “What muscles do you feel engaging during the exercise?” “Is the contraction and release even between the left and right sides?” “What is your breathing pattern?” When I get such immediate feedback like this, I can sometimes gain more information from the answers to these questions than I would just from watching. To be honest, whether you are on video or in person, it can be nearly impossible for me to see your deep transverse abdominis engaging or your psoas or glutes. I can watch your movement, but that doesn’t tell me the whole story about how you are moving.


“Proximity is no longer required to make progress! Skype sessions enabled me to advance in aligning my posture and relieving my pain when face-to-face sessions were not possible."




I realize that Skype is just not the same as working with me in person. So, just in time for your New Year’s Resolutions, I have lowered my prices for this service. I have dropped your financial investment nearly 25% off the in-person therapy prices.

Total 8-Session Package: $925 (~$116/session)

Total 4-Session Package: $485 (~$121/session)

Single Session: $135 

More information is located on the Posture Therapy page. Contact me with questions, or to schedule a free 30-minute Skype consultation.

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