Book Review: Younger Next Year for Women

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Although this book review is of the women's version of the book it is applicable to men as well. Men will enjoy the first book, Younger Next Year.

Co-written by internist Dr. Henry (Harry) S. Lodge, M.D. and his patient, 73 year old Chris Crowley, Younger Next Year for Women is grounded in seven rules.

Harry's Rules

Book Cover


  1. Exercise six days a week for the rest of your life.

  2. Do serious aerobic exercise four days a week for the rest of your life.

  3. Do serious strength training, with weights, two days a week for the rest of your life.

  4. Spend less than you make.

  5. Quit eating crap!

  6. Care.

  7. Connect and commit. 

Harry makes an important distinction between aging and decay. There are biological changes that happen as you age - hair grays, maximum heart rate declines and skin deteriorates. However, he argues that many of the other feared signs of aging – obesity, joint pain, weakness, disease, falls, apathy and on and on are decay, and are due to our lifestyle choices and are optional.

It is about balancing growth and decay in your body. By nature, you are programmed to decay and as the years go by you need to do more to tip the scale towards growth. Exercise, and not just walking causally around the block, signals your body to grow. You may remember my blog: Exercise Makes You Smarter. Exercise also makes you younger! 

What I found unique in Harry's rules was #2. Of course moderate exercise (rule #1) and strength training (rule #3) have been recommended for years but this was the first time I recall seeing high intensity aerobic exercise encouraged for the mature population. The required warning of see your doctor and build up slowly is given but after that – go for it!

I have to say I agree with this advice. Living part-time in Sun Valley I am regularly in awe of the fitness of the older women in the area, especially as they are beating me... it's never too late to get younger and stronger!

Although more than half of the book is dedicated to exercise there is also general advice on nutrition, staying connected with others and maintaining meaning in your life. This inspiring book outlines the steps you can take to feel functionally younger despite your chronological age. If you want to make the most of your later years I recommend you read this book and start implementing Harry's rules NOW!

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