$79.00 USD

Posture Flow Course

Learn exercises to improve posture, reduce pain, build strength, gain balance, and move with greater ease!

Over 4 hours of instructional videos.

This course can help you with all of this and more. The classes in this course are based on the yoga flow model in which the exercises fluidly transition between different postures and movements. This makes the classes a bit faster paced since there is less detailed instruction on each movement.

You can pick classes in different positions–sitting, standing, or supine–with a different focus–stretching and repositioning, balance, or strength–and of varying lengths, from 15-45 minutes. The course provides 10 unique classes, all with their own original and unique exercises, with minimal overlap. That’s over four hours of original content!

This course is a great compliment to the live classes and recordings. It is also an excellent introduction to posture exercise and the benefits it provides.