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Learn Exercises to improve your core strength and overall posture!

*Over 4 hours of instructional videos.

Good posture starts at the core. You need a strong, solid center to provide stability and support in order to maintain proper alignment while moving and at rest. 

I have designed this course to combine core alignment with core strength. These two features are interconnected: Alignment is Strength! While doing these exercises, you can be confident that you are building strength the right way, in the right position. 

The breath is a fundamental part of the core. So, at the beginning of this course, I will describe and demonstrate diaphragmatic breathing. Then, we will practice it together. We will continue to emphasize a correct breathing pattern throughout all the routines and workouts.

In this course, you can select from a variety of workout lengthsfrom six to 62 minutes. You can pick from many positions, including standing, staying on the floor, or using a stability ball. I have also included a series of progressions for the popular front and side plank exercise in the course.