$79.00 USD

Pain Free Walking & Hiking Course

Learn Exercises for Pain Free Walking & Hiking!

Over 4 hours of instructional videos.

Walking is a basic human movement. Unlike other forms of motion, walking is essential to our everyday lives as a fundamental form of transportation, even if just around the house. And, undoubtedly, walking is the most popular form of exercise! In fact, many of us are trying to reach our daily 10,000 step goal. Regardless of where you live, walking is generally easily accessible. And, if you are lucky enough to live near mountains, the beach, or the desert, you might be able to go hiking regularly. Hiking is essentially walking in nature on trails or paths that may be uneven, loose, rocky, or steep.

Just because walking is familiar and is done consistently, though, that does not mean it is easy! Walking actually requires a complex integration of body systems and structures to be performed correctly.

Unfortunately, many of us have poor walking mechanics that have resulted from previous injuries, pain, or habits. For example, we twist our ankle in our teens and limp because of the pain. We go to rehab until the pain resolves. However, for many of us, the compensatory gait pattern remains. Many miles and years later, this unbalanced walking style can lead to chronic pain.

This course can help if you:

  •     Currently have pain during or after walking or hiking
  •     Would like to gain more strength, balance, and confidence
  •     Want to prevent walking/hiking injuries and pain
  •     Need a new warm-up or cool-down routine
  •     Want to learn a better walking technique