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Strength Training for Better Posture: Biceps Curls

functional training resistance training strength strength training train Nov 07, 2012
Bicep Curls

This is the first video in a series on proper strength training technique for better posture.



Starting Position

  • A staggered stance (1-2 feet apart) accommodates wider hips and larger dumbbells.

  • Dumbbell heads are facing forward to keep the weights close to the body creating a straight arm line from the shoulder to the wrist. 


  • Prior to initiating the biceps curl the shoulder blades are pulled down and together into retraction. This allows the biceps, which are attached to the scapula to engage more effectively. Review the blog: Is Strength Training Ruining Your Posture for detailed instructions on scapula retraction.

  • Dumbbells begin with the heads forward and as the weights are lifted past the legs and supinate with the palms up.

  • The upper arm from the shoulder to elbow does not move.

  • Movement speed is slow and weights stay in control.

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