Riding Solo or with the Group, 3 Questions to Consider

athlete self self-compassion skill training May 03, 2012
Group of Road Bikers

It's Saturday morning, the group ride leaves in an hour - should you join the bunch or go it alone? Ask yourself the following three questions to make the best decision.

1. What type of workout do I want and need today?

Whenever a group of athletes come together to train it inevitably turns into a high energy effort. If this is what you desire and the dynamics of the group will push you harder than you would on your own, then the group ride is for you. If yesterday was crusher intervals and you need to recover then a solo ride is the way to go.

2. Do I need to work on my pack riding skills?

Just like driving a car for the first time it takes time and practice to gain comfort in your ability to roll down the road at fast speeds on skinny tires encircled by other cyclists. Group rides provide a good opportunity to gain confidence and learn the strategy and technique of riding with others. You will quickly become accustomed to terms like drafting, pace line, and attack. Riding in a pack will teach you to ride smooth and efficient, be alert to the movements of others and your surroundings, and how and when to conserve and exert energy. All valuable skills that will build your confidence on the bike.

3. Who will be on the ride?

The make-up of the riders determines the pace, distance, atmosphere, and overall mood of the ride. This can impact how effective the ride is and your subsequent level of enjoyment.

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