What's your wellness breakthrough goal for 2019?

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What's your wellness breakthrough goal for 2019?

“If I [fill in the blank], my wellness would skyrocket, positively impacting several aspects of my health and life.”

Breakthrough goals are common in the business world. However, I had never heard the term until working with my coach on my goals for the new year. It is defined this way:

“Your Breakthrough Goal is the one that, if completed, elevates progress on several other goals or desires at the same time.”

Because breakthrough goals are very challenging, they can even seem unreachable, which creates a sense of urgency to get started and keep going. Instead of setting a breakthrough goal, many of us prefer to set several easier goals we can confidently achieve. That way, we don't risk failure by going big. Well . . . this is your year to GO FOR IT! As they say, if not now, when? 

Think about these goals:

One example is to try to have longer and more restful sleep, waking up refreshed and motivated for the day.

Another example is to swap the negative mental tapes that rerun in your brain for a more upbeat rhythm.

Additionally, what if you lost those nagging extra pounds and kept them off?

Also, might you try to experience more joy, gratitude and deeper relationships with others?

More specifically, why not take up a new hobby or develop a new skill?

Another goal might be to increase your physical fitness and participate in a long-dreamed-about sporting event!

A similar goal might be to reduce your chronic pain and move with greater efficiency and less fatigue?

Along the same lines, what if you ate more fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats?

Finally, why not set a goal to spend more time engaged in activities you are passionate about?

Thus, by achieving just one goal, how might other parts of your life expand? And, what other goals or desires would be accelerated in the process? In other words, which goal would most directly impact your life? 

This year, instead of setting many mediocre goals, just set one. The one that really matters.

My 2019 Breakthrough Goal

Spend more time in a calm, relaxed and content mental/emotional state though daily self-nurturing practices, such as momentary awareness, gratitude journaling, meditation, self-forgiveness and compassion habits, or mindful movement . . . 

By attaining this goal of being more at peace within myself, I can better access my creativity and will be more grounded in my decisions. With the increased clarity I gain by quieting my overactive brain, I’ll generate more unique ideas and strategies to achieve my other goals.

Please share your breakthrough goal by leaving a comment below. Let’s support each other in achieving extraordinary wellness in 2019!

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