Transform Your Life with Supportive Affirmations

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Your thoughts and internal dialogue creates your reality and influences your attitude, behavior, and outcomes. Take a moment to notice what is going through your mind right now as you start reading this article. You might be saying … I really should be working and not reading this … I don’t talk to myself … this sounds interesting, tell me more … where is she going with this and how does it apply to me? 

Athletes use positive self-talk in the form of affirmations to develop trust in a desired actuality. "I am strong and exceptionally prepared to reach my potential and be on the podium this race."

Repeating self-empowering, confidence building, focusing and guiding statements of what you want and who you want to be will lead to achieving your vision. "I will be a successful solopreneur with work-life balance."

This technique proven in sports can also be applied to healthy lifestyle modifications. Whatever change you are undertaking – losing weight, improving nutrition, taking time for yourself, altering your exercise routine, reducing stress – can benefit from devising supportive affirmations. When developing affirmations always use positive words in the present tense that are personal to only you.

In my experience I have seen affirmations successful in modifying snacking behavior. Where once a chocolate was eaten now a confirming declaration is consumed. "I am lean, energetic and beautiful."

A bad day can be turned around with an uplifting affirmation. "I am grateful for all that is going well in my life - loving husband, good health, flourishing business, close friends and family, helpful neighbors..."

What you say silently to yourself has a powerful impact on your mood and actions – listen intently, take note, and where needed transform negative statements into positive words and recite often.

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