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Posture Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

golf exercises the pain free athlete Aug 13, 2013

My secret is out, I'm a golfer!

Yes, I enjoy hitting a little white ball around a well-manicured course. As an endurance athlete, I've received much criticism for my hobby. I love the completely different challenge golf offers as a skill sport. It is truly a mental game requiring the utmost patience and precision. And like many sports, the harder you try, the worse you do. Relaxation and staying clam is the way to a lower score.

Golf has been a part of my life for much longer than riding a bike, skiing or running trails. At a early age I was given a club and ball to hit under the watchful eye of an instructor. Being a bit hyper as a youngster, I turned my attention to tumbling and gymnastics. Fortunately, my sister was a great golf talent who eventually played in the LPGA. During my college years, I spent many summers walking golf courses to support her.

Golf is a one-sided sport where we are always swinging the club in one direction. Postural deviations result from too much of the same repetitive motion. So, is it any wonder why golfers have twisted spines and postural deviations? Golf is a wonderful sport but your body needs to be balanced before and after play to ensure that you maintain aligned posture and proper musculoskeletal function.


Golf Exercises

Here is a video from Tim George, Clinic Director of Egoscue San Diego South who I have mentored with in the past. I perform these exercises prior to my golf rounds to keep me swinging the club freely and striking the ball pain free.

Golfers do Egoscue!

"Pete Egoscue has totally changed my life. Never before have I experienced such complete pain relief as I have following the Egoscue Method."

- Jack Nicklaus


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