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How Are You Meeting Your Needs?

heal yourself self self healing self-compassion the pain free athlete Apr 06, 2013

As human beings the outcome of all our actions is to meet our emotional needs. The motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, reminds us that we have everything we need. It is the way we go about achieving our needs that can be empowering or destructive. Often these needs reside on a subconscious/unconscious level leading some people to go against their morals, values and beliefs to gain their needs. The purpose of this article, then, is to make you consciously aware of your needs so you can mindfully chose how to fulfill them.

The Six Human Needs

  1. Certainty/Comfort
  2. Uncertainty/Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Connection & Love
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

So, the question is - how are you realizing your needs? What makes you feel important, different, safe, etc? Each of your six needs can be met with positive, negative or neutral actions. Here are some examples...

  • Negatively meeting the need for Certainty/Comfort by over controlling people, environment, food, etc.
  • Positively meeting the need for Uncertainty/Variety by learning to play golf, tennis, bowling, any new sport.
  • Neutrally meeting the need for Significance through personal style in physical appearance, dress, speech, walk, etc...

Two Strategies to Meet Your Needs

What do you love to do? Those things you love to do are accomplishing many of your emotional needs. You receive certainty, variety, significance, connection and also growth and/or contribution. Engaging in activities you love is one way to meet your emotional needs.

A second way to meet your needs is to recognize the needs of others. Give that person what they are asking for to fulfill their need and receive automatic reciprocation and have your needs met. This will take some practice but will become easier with time. We all have the same needs and continuously strive to meet them for each other. Our words and actions reveal what we need.

Reference: The Driving Force of Emotional NEEDS Behind Every Human Action
(The Subconscious/Psychological Reasons Behind Every Choice We Choose.

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