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Reduce Joint Pain by Improving Body pH

Aug 20, 2012

To reduce joint pain my Egoscue® therapist recommended I measure and work to improve my body pH. Defined as "potential for Hydrogen" pH represents the acid-base balance in arterial blood. The density of positively charged hydrogen ions makes a solution acidic or basic. An acid has a greater amount of hydrogen ions. The ideal pH level for the human body is 7.4. Below this number is considered acidic and above is considered basic.


Using strips to record my pH via a urine sample I was consistently on the acidic end of the scale. I do have my questions about how urine relates to blood pH and view the number with some skepticism. Upon looking deeper into the issue, however, I found the majority of the foods I was eating were acidic. So, I accepted that more alkaline nutrients would be beneficial in my diet. Why not, there was nothing to lose and pain relief to be gained.


A helpful table of alkaline and acidic foods are listed on the pHMiracleliving
website (scroll down to find the resource). Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young, sponsors of the website and authors of The pH Miracle
, believe that "over-acidification of the body is the single underlying cause of all disease." They claim that many conditions beyond joint pain are attributable to an acidic diet. On the website you'll also find recommendations for supplements and water ionizers. That's going a bit far for me but I do agree with their advocation of green drinks.


To decrease my body acidity the changes I have made include drinking more water with a slice of lemon or lime and a green drink several times a week. My pain and pH have improved. Although I'm not sure how much of that is attributable to the dietary changes I've made, my husband and I agree that the green drinks are tasty and a good way for us to enhance our intake of these important nutrients.


Green Drink Recipe
Approximate measurements

Spinach (fresh/frozen and/or cooked) (1 cup)
Broccoli (fresh/frozen and/or cooked) (1/2 cup)
Celery (3-4 sticks)
Cucumber (~ 1/2)
Lemon (peeled and seeded)
Flaxseed (1 tbs)
Filtered water


If this preparation is too bitter add an apple or pear for sweetness and drink up!

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